Day four of the trial for Derek Chauvin gets underway this morning (8am).

Word came in late Wednesday afternoon from the Minnesota Supreme Court with a decision on the defense’s request for a review of a 3rd-degree murder charge against Chauvin.

The judge says the next steps will be addressed this morning ahead of jury selection. So far, five jurors are seated: three are white men, one is a black man and one is a woman of color. Prosecutors have been asking potential jurors their opinions on illegal drug use, defunding the police, and whether they would weigh the testimony of a police officer equally with that of a bystander. Defense attorneys have been asking jurors about how often they’ve seen the video of George Floyd’s death, about experience solving conflicts between two opposing parties and whether or not in the past they have thought they were 100% right about something, but turned out to be 100% wrong–and how did they handle it.