Under questioning by Senator Amy Klobuchar, the commander of the Washington DC National Guard testified he was waiting for approval from higher-ups to send in troops, as thousands of Donald Trump supporters stormed the U-S Capitol on January 6th. Klobuchar asked Major General William Walker during a U-S Senate hearing:

“So you actually put them on the bus so they were ready to go but you couldn’t let the buses go?”

Walker: “Yes, Senator. I just came to the conclusion that eventually I’m going to get approval and at that point, seconds matter, minutes mattered,…”

Klobuchar: “I just keep thinking of the hours that went by and the people who were injured and the officers whose lives were changed forever.”

Klobuchar said,   “We must get to the very bottom of why it took the Defense Department so long to deploy the National Guard once the need for reinforcements became patently clear on every TV screen in America.” Backers of former President Trump, including Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, contend that according to credible accounts, people pretending to be Trump supporters appeared to provoke the attack on the U-S Capitol.