Senate Republicans and a prominent Independent want businesses to *not* have to pay state tax on emergency COVID loans (Paycheck Protection Program) they got from the federal government. A top House Democrat, Representative Paul Marquart from Dilworth, says about that:

“It’s an important part, but you can’t just do that all on its own.”

Marquart says *workers* also should not pay taxes on unemployment benefits. Senator Tom Bakk (BOCK) from Cook responds the state has a finite amount of money for tax relief — and has needs in K-12 education, health and human services, transportation and other areas…

“We can not put anything into higher ed and just let tuition go up, right? We can not put any aid in for cities and counties and just let property taxes go up.”

Bakk proposes part of the federal government’s first COVID extra unemployment benefit be exempt from state tax — but that’s a lot less than House Democrats are talking about.