Congressman Jim Hagedorn (MN-01) voted against the COVID stimulus bill passed over the weekend by the U.S. House. Rep. Hagedorn issued the following statement at the vote’s conclusion:

“For all their talk of unity and bipartisanship, Democrats abused a process to ram through a partisan payoff to the left. In the past year, Republicans and Democrats have worked in bipartisan fashion to pass five COVID-19 relief measures. But this bill is not about ending the pandemic, restarting our economy, or reopening schools across the nation.

“Democrats’ bailout package would inflate the already massive federal deficit by nearly $2 trillion, despite $1 trillion in unspent funds remaining from previous bipartisan measures. In fact, they’ll only dedicate nine percent of the new money to combating COVID-19 through public health efforts. The Biden Administration and congressional Democrats have constructed this disastrous legislation with the intent of funneling money to poorly managed blue states, rescuing union pension plans, propping up Obamacare, and funding ‘arts and humanities’ grants as well as a transit tunnel to benefit Nancy Pelosi’s district.

“What the American people need right now is targeted, commonsense relief that will help distribute and administer vaccines efficiently, safely reopen schools, and get small businesses and their employees back on their feet. Those are the priorities that I will continue to strive for with my Republican colleagues. I sincerely hope that my friends across the aisle will live up to their previous promises and join us in those efforts.”