Two area state troopers are being honored by the state patrol. Trooper Kevin Wellens (District 2200) and Trooper Dahlton Bowe (District 2100)

Back on Jan. 12 – Troopers Kevin Wellens and Dahlton Bowe are credited with saving a man they found unconscious in subzero temperatures. The troopers were helping Mankato police search for people who fled a vehicle following a crash. Troopers found an unconscious, intoxicated man face down in the snow; the wind chill was 19 degrees below zero. They carried him approximately 50 yards through a wooded area to the ambulance. The man’s core body temperature was dangerously low and he most likely would not have survived if not for the troopers. They are being presented with the Life Saving Award. This award is presented to members of the State Patrol who distinguish themselves by performing acts that prevent the death of another.