Backers are getting pushback as they try to move a bill forward in the Minnesota House that would ban lead fishing tackle in the state. Roseville Representative Jamie Becker-Finn points out the U-S banned lead in paint and gasoline:

“Sort of incredible that we’ve just sort of normalized the use of lead in things that we eat, for those of us who hunt and fish.”

Grand Rapids Representative Spencer Igo says his big concern is some might not be able to afford the new tackle:

“Half-ounce sinker that you would be able to buy with lead is about 36 to 42 cents, whereas the tungsten affiliate is about two-dollars-and-60-cents for one. That’s really concerning to some of my constituents who fishing is a way of life to them. I have many guides and outfitters.”

Supporters of the bill say animals are dying from lead poisoning. Experts say ingesting only one lead shot will kill a bird.