Governor Tim Walz could have an announcement later this week (Thurs possible) on the next phase of COVID vaccine rollout in Minnesota. He’s taking heat from Republicans who say Minnesotans age 65 and over as a higher-risk group are not being vaccinated quickly enough:

“I know they like to say, we only get so many vaccines. I don’t care how many vaccines.   If you get 10 of them, nine of ’em should be going to seniors.”

Senator Karin Housley from the Stillwater area says instead of a lottery, website or pilot sites, the vaccine should go directly to seniors through local pharmacies who can also help homebound people.   Walz administration officials say as vaccine supplies increase and most health care workers and nursing home residents are vaccinated, they’re expanding opportunities for Minnesotans 65 and over.

Housley says vaccine should be brought to seniors so they don’t have to travel long distances:

“We should be doing it just like we do the flu vaccine. You’ve got pharmacies that are willing to participate throughout the whole state, that actually will go to some homebound seniors’ houses and give them the vaccine right there.”