It’s expected the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate will pass a bill later today (11 am start) canceling Governor Tim Walz’s COVID emergency powers to close schools — but it has little chance of clearing the Democrat-controlled House, at least right now. It comes the day after Walz laid out his plan to get students at all grade levels, including secondary, back in the classroom:

“Our expectation is that schools will be able to offer some in-person learning, and my goal is to try and see the best we can to get five days a week in all of our schools for all of our students in a safe manner — that’s the goal by March 8th.”

Republicans respond students can return safely to the classroom right now. Lino Lakes Senator Roger Chamberlain:

“Pressure’s gonna be from the parents and we’re gonna keep it on, to make sure that they stop messing around with schools.”

The governor says students will be back in the classroom, but they’ll also be safe.   Republicans respond Walz’s own data shows that can happen immediately.