Governor Tim Walz lays out his plan at noon today (Wed)   to bring more Minnesota middle- and high-school students back into the classroom — but the governor said late last week he will *not* set a date by which everyone will be back:

“Our anticipation is, especially because of that focus on the younger grades, they will reach that 100 percent sooner than our secondary. But I think you’ll start to see — and there’s already secondary schools in — I think you’ll start to see that number ramp up very quickly.”

House Deputy Republican Leader Anne Neu Brindley says if the governor’s plan is anything like the Biden administration’s, it will be a step backward:

“The science and data show that our kids can be in school safely.   We know that having distance learning in place is harming our kids.”

Neu Brindley says all students should be back in the classroom immediately.