The deadly shooting Tuesday at Allina Hospital in Buffalo has led to an initiative meant to help community members support one another. Buffalo Strong is a web-based community hub for residents looking for ways to donate, volunteer, or find solidarity. Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke says his department has seen an outpouring of support in recent days – and the Buffalo Strong initiative will help guide community members eager to be of service.

“One of the things that happened at the police department was there is all this food coming through the door. People want to give and it’s so healthy for us to give. But at a certain point, we can’t use any more donuts…. People want to give, they want to help. How can we put something together that will help give some direction…ideas.”

The site includes links to donation funds for victims and their families, lists of mental health resources, and information on upcoming community events, along with t-shirts, masks, and yard signs bearing the “Buffalo Strong” message.

Website is: