Workers would earn “sick and safe time” from their employer, under a bill Democrats are pushing in the Minnesota House but which will face significant opposition in the Republican-controlled state Senate.   G-O-P Representative Joe McDonald from Delano says most employers take good care of their employees:

“I have been self-employed for 33 years.   When you’re sick, yeah, sometimes you just gotta call in sick and you don’t get a paycheck. That stinks sometimes. That’s life.”

But Duluth Democrat Liz Olson says:

“Whether you’re Hispanic that you work in the service industry or you’re one of the lowest-wage workers at the bottom rung — those folks, two out of three, do not have access to this benefit.”

The bill had a hearing in the House on Tuesday but the committee has not yet voted.

The bill requires employers to allow employees to earn at least one hour of paid “earned sick and safe time” (ESS) time for every 30 hours worked, up to at least 48 hours per year. Employees must be able to carry over at least 80 accrued hours of ESS time from year to year