Democrats in the Minnesota House are moving forward on Governor Tim Walz’s request for an immediate 35-million-dollar appropriation to help law enforcement prepare for the upcoming trial of four officers accused in the death of George Floyd. Saint Paul Representative Carlos Mariani:

“The moment in which to respond to these issues isn’t later, it’s now…. I hope not, I really do, but we may be facing some really tough issues out in the public space in the coming months.”

The bill cleared its first committee in the Minnesota House today (Tues), but Cambridge Republican Brian Johnson voted “no”:

“It’s basically taking funds from Greater Minnesota to push them down into the metro area where the Minneapolis Police Department is not doing their duties.”

On a related note, Senate Republicans want to prohibit the Walz administration from using money in the state’s Disaster Contingency Fund — normally used for floods, tornadoes and the like — to help cities and counties recover from last year’s riots.