A group of Republican lawmakers says the Walz administration is not getting COVID vaccine to Minnesota seniors quickly enough and must give them top priority. Senator Karin Housley from Saint Mary’s Point:

“I want them to get the vaccine out to the communities where our seniors are living, and get it to the seniors who are living in their home — not make the seniors do the work to get to the vaccine.”

Governor Tim Walz says over 35-thousand Minnesotans age 65-plus will have access to COVID vaccines this week at more than 100 locations across the state. State Health Department’s Kris Ehresmann says doses are becoming available as the state completes vaccinations for health care workers and nursing home residents:

“As we have fewer and fewer people in that group to vaccinate, we will have more doses available for our seniors.”

North Branch Senator Mark Koran:

“Literally today, the sex offenders at Moose Lake are receiving their shots before a thousand vulnerable seniors can receive theirs. There’s really something wrong with this picture.”