The Nicollet County Sheriff’s office has received multiple reports of people receiving phone calls informing them that a family member, most likely a grandchild, has been arrested in another state. They’re asking for $3,000 to $5000 and that the money be sent in cash. They are stating they will send UPS or FedEx to your house to pick up the package of cash and deliver it overnight to help their family member.

Scammers take advantage of your emotions and want you to make a quick transaction that you will later regret. DO NOT send cash or give anyone your credit card number who calls you. DO NOT wire any money or buy prepaid cards without first talking to a family member or your local law enforcement.

The people involved in the scams are often in other states or countries. Once you send the money, it is near impossible to recover it. Several people have lost thousands of dollars and do not report it to the police as they are embarrassed by what they did after they have time to think about it.

Feel free to contact your local law enforcement BEFORE you become a victim.