Republicans are resisting Democrats’ renewed push to make MinnesotaCare — the state-run health insurance program — available to all Minnesotans regardless of income, with people paying premiums on a sliding scale depending on how much they make. Sponsor, DFL state Representative Jennifer Schultz from Duluth:

“This bill should reduce out-of-pocket spending, reduce uncompensated care, increase competition on the individual market and leverage significant federal funding.”

But Republican Representative Joe Schomacker from Luverne warns, because MinnesotaCare reimburses medical providers for less than their overhead…

“The other shoe’s gonna drop somewhere….   fewer providers being able to maintain their business out there, fewer hospitals, or it’s going to be made up with higher rates on the commercial end.”

Also controversial: The bill would allow undocumented immigrants to enroll in MinnesotaCare.

Schultz says businesses, healthcare providers and lawmakers should support the bill…

….”if we are serious about addressing inequities:   racial inequities, geographic inequities, wealth inequities.”