Democrats are making another push for paid family and medical leave in Minnesota after Governor Tim Walz included it in his proposed state budget. Employment and Economic Development Commissioner Steve Grove says in a normal year, 10 percent of Minnesota workers take family or medical leave — and more than one-quarter don’t have any wage replacement:

“Paid family medical leave program will help workers, and particularly smaller businesses provide this benefit, for the cost of a cup of coffee per week, per worker.”

Charlie Weaver with the Minnesota Business Partnership says a better approach would be…

“Working with employers to figure out how they can work on benefits and provide benefits, but not at the cost of either… a new tax on employees or creating a whole new state bureaucracy that’s gonna cost tens of millions of dollars.”

The Democrat-controlled Minnesota House passed a bill last year but it didn’t clear the Republican-controlled state Senate.


“Even our former president and Republicans in Congress think that we need to take action on (this), and it’s something that states across the country are showing is possible.”