An income tax increase on big corporations and the wealthy… tax relief for struggling small businesses… help for working families hit by COVID — all expected features of the state budget proposal Governor Tim Walz rolls out today (noon). The governor laid out his K-12 education plan Monday — and will it require more funding?

“There are some areas that it will, and I will not shy away from that.”

But Walz says *how* school funding is distributed will look a little different. Republicans say no income, sales or gas tax increases.   They say the state budget can be balanced by minimal program cuts and tapping the “rainy day” budget reserve. Walz responds strategic investments will turn around the state’s economy and position Minnesota for the future.

The governor says he’s certainly willing to compromise with Republicans, however…

“I can’t compromise on closing this achievement gap. I can’t compromise on Minnesotans’ safety. I can’t compromise on our students getting some of this ability to come back from COVID.”