Between 5 a-m today (Tues) and 5 a-m tomorrow (Wed), Minnesotans age 65 and over can put their names in a pool, from which state officials will randomly draw who receives a limited number of COVID vaccinations currently available. Minnesota I-T Commissioner Tarek Tomes says your chances of getting a vaccine appointment are the same, regardless of *when* you sign up during this 24-hour window:

“Whether you sign up at 5am or whether you sign up at midnight or 3 a-m the following day, it will not impact or change the likelihood that you’ll receive (a vaccination appointment).”

Those who tried last week but didn’t get a vaccination appointment are automatically included in this week’s pool. To put your name in, go to   If you can’t register on-line, call 833-431-2053 between 9 a-m and 7 p-m today (Tues).

Minnesotans can only sign up for the pre-registration list once. The registration system will automatically remove duplicate entries and you cannot transfer your appointment to someone else. If you are selected and cannot use your appointment, another Minnesotan on the pre-registration list will be randomly selected for that appointment. The state is allocating 15-thousand Moderna   vaccine doses to be administered Thursday, January 28th through Monday, February 1st.

Governor Tim Walz says about COVID vaccinations…

“This week, it’s gonna be hard to get ’em, but that experience will be smoother and you’ll be in the system.”