“Platitudes… but not any substance” says a key House Republican about Governor Tim Walz’s “Due North” plan for schools that he rolled out the day before today’s (Tues) announcement on his state budget proposal. Walz wants school funding reform… more opportunities for students of color and those in Greater Minnesota… and the best teaching workforce in the nation:

“It’s investing in our children and, again, if that’s not good enough, if that doesn’t lift you up enough, our state’s future is dependent on that.”

Republican Representative Ron Kresha from Little Falls responds the governor’s plan doesn’t give specifics on improving reading and math scores, addressing learning loss from COVID, or closing the achievement gap:

“Instead there was a whole lot of, yeah, we just need to do better.   That isn’t gonna take us forward.”

Walz administration officials say the plan is to send state funding dollars to areas where students need the most help.