Minnesota Democratic Party Chairman Ken Martin says Republican leaders’ continued lying and hedging about election results are fueling attacks on the U-S government by violent and fringe extremists.

Martin says on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Republican Party has a choice:

“You’re either on the side of Nazis and white supremacists and far-right groups, or you’re on the side of democracy and liberty and freedom and our Constitution.”

Republican state Representative Steve Drazkowski responds it’s “shameful” that D-F-L Chair Martin uses the term “Nazis”:

“There’s no Nazi anything that has ever presented itself here. We are simply looking at bringing Minnesota to follow the law.”

Drazkowski says Democrats are basically telling the half of Minnesota that’s concerned about election results to “shut up.”   He says Republicans’ call doesn’t affect the election outcome, but they want election laws closely examined to eliminate future problems.