Police in Willmar in west-central Minnesota are asking the public’s help as they to find out who fired a stray bullet that tore through a garage wall early Friday night, fatally wounding a man inside.   Police Chief Jim Felts says 41-year-old David Delfosse “would not have been an intended target” because probably no one would have even known he was in the garage:

“We’re still encouraging anybody that lives in that area– even if you only heard gunshots or what you believe to be gunshots — please give us a call. We would like to help narrow down a time frame and directions and that type of thing, and any information like that is helpful.”

Felt says they recovered the bullet and it was a higher-caliber round.   He asks people with doorbells or security cameras to review them for anything suspicious, including the sound of gunshots.   Anyone with information should contact Willmar police.


“The B-C-A is still assisting with this and our detectives have been working ’round the clock since that time, along with our other staff here, to try and develop any further leads and track down the leads that we have.”