Minnesota today (Tues around noon) opens COVID vaccinations to those 65 and over, plus teachers, school staff, and child care workers — but officials acknowledge the federal allotment falls far short of demand, and it will take over four months to vaccinate this new group unless supply increases. Governor Tim Walz says he assumes the state’s allotment of the vaccine will increase over time,   “but it’s still going to be a challenge”:

“I’m on the phone daily with folks from the incoming Biden administration.   We don’t yet have a good idea of what they’re going to give… Many of them are running blind and they don’t know, they don’t have a site picture of what we have or what decisions were made.”

Walz was asked if President-elect Biden will be able to deliver on his promise of 100 million doses in his first 100 days in office:

“Well, I think so. When a president of the United States decides to make this the top priority — as it should have been last March, instead of telling us it was one or two people and it would go away — they can move mountains.”

When Adds:

“A hundred-million in a hundred days is not enough.   It’s still not enough. And that’s the thing that I guess worries me.”