The Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) welcomes the state’s plan to expand access to COVID-19 vaccines to more Minnesotans. MMA president Marilyn Peitso is urging Minnesotans to be patient–because of limited supply.

“This is a good problem to have, people want the vaccine, there’s a demand for the vaccine, people are impatient with the pace and that’s a good thing.”

In the meantime, Peitso says Minnesotans should continue to follow CDC guidelines.

“The supply is limited, people want it because of problems beyond our control, beyond the control of our public health department.”

Peitso says there are still health care workers and high-risk patients in congregate care settings waiting to receive their vaccinations. So far in Minnesota, 194,462 Minnesotans have received one dose of the COVID vaccination and 38,025 have received both doses.