After over a year of planning, the next President of the United States will be sworn-in tomorrow. The Senate’s ranking member of the committee in charge of the Inauguration, Senator Amy Klobuchar, says this transfer of power is the most important Inauguration since the Civil War:

“This is the moment where we dust ourselves off as a country and we say our democracy lives, our democracy prevails on January 6th, maybe it was at four in the morning when those votes finally got counted but it prevailed.”

Klobuchar says even without a large crowd at the National Mall tomorrow (WED) people have come to learn how to celebrate events virtually because of the pandemic:

“Everything has had to be done differently and I think people will be part of it, feel part of it. My guess is you are going to have more people watching this inauguration than ever before.”

Klobuchar says Americans will get to see there is still respect for democracy in Washington despite some bitter partisan politics:

“There are leaders in this country that believe in the peaceful transfer of power and that is the moment you are going to see going on in our Democracy for over 230 years.”