Governor Tim Walz warns the federal government’s plan to make COVID vaccines available sooner to senior citizens will not work unless Washington provides more doses:

“In the groups that the C-D-C put out, to follow those recommendations in the state of Minnesota, that’s 1.61 million people. We’re getting 60 thousand doses next week. I’ll let you do the math. That’s why they have to release these doses.”

State officials were preparing to announce the next phase of vaccinations that would include those age 75 or older, plus those deemed “essential workers.” But Health Department officials say they will have to re-evaluate in light of new federal guidance.

Governor Walz says the U-S Department of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday they will grant a request from him and eight other governors to release millions of doses of COVID vaccine — which Walz alleges are being held back by the Trump administration for reasons unknown.