U-S House Democrats have brought forward an article of impeachment against President Trump. It accuses Trump of instigating the violent and deadly riot at the Capitol last week. U-S Congresswoman from Minnesota Betty McCollum says Trump is perpetuating a lie that the election was stolen from him…

“This election was not stolen from him. He’s been lying since the day he was sworn in about the crowd size at the national mall Senate and he repeats lies over and over and over again and now he has members of Congress, both in the Senate and House also repeating those lies and that’s what led to the terroristic acts.”

If it passes, Trump would be the first U-S President to be impeached twice. Republican Representative Jim Hagedorn accuses Dems of further dividing the nation and subjecting the American people to “more partisan battles.”

Representative Jim Hagedorn told me he would be available for an interview later in the week.