Minnesota House Democratic leaders say they’re investigating after several Republican lawmakers attended a State Capitol rally last Wednesday where there were calls for civil war and casualties. House G-O-P Minority Leader Kurt Daudt responds Democrats can’t have it both ways, because right after George Floyd’s death…

“It wasn’t six months ago when we had a current member of the legislature stand in a police officer’s (Minneapolis police union president Bob Kroll) driveway,… inciting violence, beating an effigy of that police officer and his wife.”

…and Daudt says Democratic leadership didn’t denounce it.

“It’s really time for the minority leader to quit lying.”

House Speaker Melissa Hortman says she publicly condemned the behavior. As for last Wednesday’s rally…

“Members of the Minnesota House of Representatives who gathered at a gathering called ‘Storm the Capitol’ while the United States Capitol was under assault.”

Hortman says, “You can bet we will fully investigate.”