U-S House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House will start the process starting today (MON) to try to get President Trump removed from power after the violence on Capitol Hill. U-S Congresswoman from Minnesota Ilhan Omar supports impeaching the president for the 2nd time.

“Immediately before the insurrection, Trump addressed the very people who came to the capitol, including neo-nazi and white supremacist groups, inciting them he said I quote: “we will not let them silence your voices, we are not going to let it happen.”

Pelosi says there will be a resolution introduced that calls on Vice President Pence to move to activate the 25th Amendment. Pelosi says if Pence doesn’t respond within a day of the resolution passing, they will move forward with bringing articles of impeachment to the House floor.

We CONTINUE to reach out to Representative Jim Hagedorn, but he has been unavailable for comment.