Pro-Trump protesters outside the State Capitol Wednesday also directed their anger at Governor Tim Walz, who announced relaxed COVID restrictions on bars and restaurants but also said “we’ll keep our hand on the dial”:

“We have mobile morgue trucks and a shortage of body bags in L-A County, Arizona is peaking back again…. The Upper Midwest has come back down some. There’s every reason to be optimistic, Minnesota, but there’s every reason to believe it can get outta hand pretty quickly.”

This protester, outside the Capitol on Facebook, told the governor:

“If you don’t open our state back up, we are willing to do whatever we need to do, because at this point we have nothing left to lose.”

“I think if Walz runs anywhere, it should be away from Minnesota.”

Pro-Trump protesters at the State Capitol Wednesday also heaped criticism on Governor Tim Walz, even as he eased restrictions on bars and restaurants while urging caution as a COVID variant pops up:

“Early indicators show that this variant, while not any more deadly in terms of the fatality rate, it does appear to be about 50 to 70 percent more contagious, which means it takes less of it, it’s much quicker and it spreads very quickly.”

This demonstrator responded:

“Governor Walz shutting down this state and letting all the big-box stores stay open and all the little guys have to fold up, and they’re losing their businesses, they’re losing their livelihoods. This all just to get everybody suckin’ off the government’s tit. They want ’em all on welfare, relying on the government, and that’s not gonna happen.”