There’s talk at the State Capitol, spearheaded by Senator Tom Bakk from Cook, about having another bonding bill this year to help jump-start the struggling Minnesota economy. Democratic Minority Leader Susan Kent says it didn’t work out very well when House Republican leaders vowed last year, no bonding bill unless Governor Tim Walz gives up his COVID emergency powers:

“I think Minnesotans really recognized that those were two very important issues that needed to be considered on their own merits.”

We asked House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt whether they’ll try “linking” the two issues again:

“The two issues are separate for us. We’re not gonna say that one is contingent on the other. We do believe very strongly that the governor should work with the legislature. I think most Minnesotans agree with that.”

House Democrats have rejected Republicans’ attempts to cancel the governor’s COVID emergency powers, but they will also need G-O-P votes to pass any bonding bill.