“Members, the 2021 COVID adventure begins.”

Chisholm Senator Dave Tomassoni — a Democrat — is once again a presiding officer in the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate as G-O-P leaders hedge their bets in case President-elect Biden taps Senator Amy Klobuchar for a cabinet post. If that happens, *and* if Governor Tim Walz were to name Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan to fill Klobuchar’s seat, then a cascade of political “musical chairs” could endanger Senate Republicans’ narrow control of the state Senate. Majority Leader Paul Gazelka:

“We don’t know that that scenario I laid out will happen, but in my time period it *has* happened.”

He’s talking about when Republican Michelle Fischbach became lieutenant governor while Democrat Mark Dayton was governor after Dayton appointed Tina Smith to fill Al Franken’s U-S Senate seat.

Saint Paul Democrat Sandy Pappas said to Republicans:

“There seems to be a pattern in your party to kind of not following the rules, to inventing rules as we move along that are convenient to you.”

If Biden does *not* tap Klobuchar, Republicans would likely vote Winona Republican Jeremy Miller back in as a presiding officer of the Minnesota Senate.