Residents and staff at the Minnesota Veterans Home in Luverne are receiving COVID vaccinations today (Mon), following vaccinations last week in Silver Bay, Fergus Falls and Minneapolis. Veterans Affairs Deputy Commissioner Douglas Hughes:

“I know a lot of veterans, I am a veteran, and to have these men and women who served our country be some of the first to receive the vaccination is really gratifying.”

Hughes says they hope close to 90 percent of veterans home residents will receive voluntary vaccinations. They’re also voluntary for staff. He says they’re trying to get above the 70-percent mark and it “seems the tide is turning in favor of the vaccine.”

Hughes says they’re looking forward to the time when everyone can take off their masks and other P-P-E:

“It’ll really be a gratifying day when we can just go back to… taking care of veterans the way we used to. We’re really looking forward to that day.”

Hughes says veterans home staff have worked “extremely hard” during the pandemic “and they’ve worked smart”:

“For us to see the beginning of what we hope is the end of this, is a relief.   We’re not there yet, but it will be gratifying.”