The Mankato City Council approved the 2021 budget on Monday, December 7. The final budget includes cost revisions, such as salary and benefit reductions, aimed to help address economic impacts caused by the ongoing pandemic.


The 2021 budget also includes several Community Investment Plan (CIP) projects:


Warren Street reconstruction, $3.86 million

Reconstruction from Glenwood Avenue to Riverfront Drive includes new sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, curb and gutter, aggregate base, sidewalks and more.


Prairie Winds Park improvements, $355,000

Park is planned for this new development area and includes the installation of a shelter, playground and half basketball court.


Intergovernmental Center skylight replacement, $165,000

The condition of skylights over the Intergovernmental Center’s front entry, council chambers and a staff office are deteriorating.


Fiber communication infrastructure, $75,000

Expand and maintain the city’s fiber communication infrastructure to key city facilities.