The North Mankato City Council will hold a public hearing on a potential food truck ordinance at its meeting tonight. City administrator John Harrenstein says the discussion started earlier this year with a simple premise.

“Councilor Whitlock earlier this week raised the question of a food truck ordinance as a response to implementing a food and beverage tax earlier this year and as a way to support brick and mortar restaurants during the pandemic.”

Harrenstein says the proposed ordinance will focus on trying to find a balance between all of the existing parties on the issue

“The food trucks can be used by any food license holder on or adjacent to their own property,” said Harrenstein. “Food trucks can be used for special events and restricts outside food trucks from being located within 500 feet of an existing business.”

The meeting will begin at seven p.m. tonight at the North Mankato Municipal Building. Attendance will be available through electronic means.