State Representative Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal was one of 13 state representatives that voted against a relief measure designed to help small businesses and workers that have been affected by the current COVID-19 pause. Munson says there’s more to the bill than meets the eye.

“It requires all businesses to be in good standing with the Department of Revenue by November first,” said Munson. “If you’re not, you will get no funding, so the bill makes sure the government gets paid first. Also, this bill allocates 88 million dollars to any business that has seen a 30 percent decrease in sales receipts, whether it’s COVID related or not.”

Munson says there wasn’t time to read the bill before the vote was called.

“We only received the bill at five p.m, two hours after we gaveled in, so there was no time to read the bill prior to voting on it,” said Munson.

Munson says the bill also increases the unemployment liability against businesses. He says it’s the equivalent of the government breaking your leg and then charging you for the crutches.