Senator Amy Klobuchar says she’s working on a plan to bring the COVID-19 vaccine to Minnesotans as quickly as possible.

“This is really exciting news. We have tons of news with vaccines coming out, not just one but several that are really effective. Sooner than people thought actually, as hard this year has been.”

Klobuchar says it will require work from multiple agencies to get the vaccine delivered.

“The whole thing is going to be getting them out and not just in the metro area, so that’s going to mean using trucks, small-town airports, planes.”

Klobuchar says plans are being made to get the vaccinations distributed in a safe and timely manner.

And Klobuchar says she’s not leaving Washington D.C. until Congress can agree on a COVID-19 relief bill:

“We’re going to be in such a better place but we don’t want every small business to close down or every restaurant before that time and that’s why I see this as a bandaid as so many Republican senators do now who are working with us in the Senate including Mitt Romney devoted to getting a bipartisan agreement and I’m pretty excited about the progress we’ve made so far.”

Klobuchar says there must be a COVID relief bill.