Health care workers continue to speak out in hopes that Minnesotans hear their message and take COVID-19 seriously. A panel of Mayo Clinic staff shared their experiences working on the pandemic front lines. Amy Spitzner a critical care nurse in the medical intensive care unit at the Mayo Clinic says what they are seeing on a daily basis is far greater than what was happening in March.

“Right now is a time I’ve never experienced before in my life, where you walk out of one room and the next patient is critical.   I saw it just two weeks ago where we intubated one patient and the team stepped out and intubated the patient next door.”

Spitzner says for a lot of their patients they are the last people they will ever see, which weighs on staff mentally knowing on matter how hard they try, they still couldn’t save them. Andrew Torres a paramedic with Mayo Clinic Ambulance says it’s frustrating seeing so many people not taking COVID seriously:

“Every day that we take care of someone I think of how many more are being infected because someone is not wearing a mask or taking proper social distancing. So to me that’s probably tougher aspects of all of this is when does that hell end.”

Torres says he often feels safer at work than he does in public because of how people are not following health and safety recommendations. There have been over 300,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 statewide.