An unsolved 2015 murder case in Brewster, near Worthington in southwest Minnesota, is the focus of a two-hour episode tonight (8pm) on NBC’s “Dateline”:

NBC promo: “Jan had taken a fatal shotgun blast to the chest, while in bed beside her own husband…. The idea that a stranger had walked in, killed Jan and just walked out again didn’t make sense.”

Jan Kruse’s husband Chris was charged with first-degree murder. Mankato attorney Thomas Hagen defended him and got an acquittal in February at trial in Worthington:

“In talking to Chris right away, you could tell he loved his wife. He’s never been in trouble before, and you could just from speaking with him, looking at him, you knew this was something he didn’t do.”

Defense attorneys say investigators interviewed over 40 people, some repeatedly, but one question still remains: Who would want to kill Jan Kruse?