Both “Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate” and “MN-350” are urging the Walz administration to stop the construction of the Line 3 pipeline in northern Minnesota to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Laalitha Surapaneni says Enbridge Energy is planning to employ 42-hundred workers, and half won’t be from the local area:

“We know that when people travel from one community to another community, that’s when the risk of virus transmission is high.”

Surapaneni says she also worries about worker safety and:

“I worry that increased community spread will stretch rural health capacity and that it’s going to have effects for healthcare capacity all across the state.”

Nancy Norr with the group Jobs for Minnesotans says the state thoroughly reviewed Enbridge’s COVID safety plan:

“Found that it was very consistent with keeping their workforce and the community safe along the route. So my sense is that those kinds of comments is just another attempt to delay this project.”