Governor Tim Walz is sending signals that he could extend COVID closures of bars, restaurants, health clubs and other venues past December 18th, when his current shutdown order expires:

“I just think I have to be as candid with Minnesotans as possible: Our hospitals are at the highest capacity they’ve been, our death rates for the last week was as high as any week in this pandemic, and our case-positivity rate is the highest it’s been.”

House G-O-P Minority Leader Kurt Daudt says his advice to the governor…

“Let’s try to figure out how to get businesses open safely. Let’s not try to figure out how to get businesses closed.”

Daudt argues businesses will need less state aid to get through COVID if they can actually conduct some business on their own. Governor Walz said he doesn’t want to “play coy with folks” because it’s likely the state is not out of the worst of the COVID surge.