It’s looking like state lawmakers, if they pass a relief package for restaurants and bars closed by COVID, probably wouldn’t do it until mid-December when they’re back in Saint Paul anyway to vote on the governor’s emergency powers. Governor Walz insists there’s “every reasonable opportunity” to get it done “in the next week or so”:

“I’m not getting any, what I feel is pushback around the desire for us to do a package and get it done as quickly as possible — and I think… sooner rather than later.”

House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt (DOWT) wants any legislation to also relax COVID closures of health clubs and movie theaters but adds…

“I’m not about to put an ultimatum on the governor to say, we won’t give businesses relief or give money to extend unemployment benefits or whatever unless you open up health clubs and movie theaters.”

Senate Republicans — key players in any deal — have not yet weighed in publicly.