Making a Thanksgiving meal doesn’t have to be a drag on your energy use. One tip from Allison Trouy with Minnesota Energy Resources, don’t dawdle getting bakes in the oven.

“You want to make sure that that green bean casserole is ready for baking by the time the oven is done pre-heating. Heating the oven for longer than needed is just going to waste energy and that’s going to waste your money.”

Trouy says once something is in the oven, don’t peek by opening the door because that can drop the temperature by more than 25 degrees, costing you time, and money.

Trouy says to keep in mind while cooking the kitchen may keep your house warmer than normal.

“It is a great opportunity to just lower your thermostat a few degrees. and you probably won’t notice a difference. And really any time you can take the time to lower that thermostat it can really add up to some significant savings.”