Mankato’s fire prevention campaign “Keep the wreath bright, prevent a red light” begins Thursday, November 26 on Thanksgiving day since it’s a peak day annually for home cooking according to the National Fire Protection Association. The campaign ends Tuesday, January 1. A wreath is on display at the Public Safety Center, 710 S. Front St., to remind people to practice fire safety during the holiday season at home and at work.

The wreath is decorated with clear bulbs, and for each preventable fire, a clear bulb is replaced with either a red bulb, representing preventable fires, or a blue bulb, representing preventable fire-related injuries. The goal is to light the wreath with only clear bulbs.

To prevent fire risks:

  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Attend to lit candles and ensure proper use.
  • Keep electrical circuits and extension cords from being overloaded.
  • Water holiday trees to prevent them from drying.
  • Maintain chimneys.
Wreath at the Public Safety Center, 710 S. Front St. 

Four red bulbs and one blue bulb were placed on the 2019 wreath.

For more information contact staff at 507-387-8577.