The State Canvassing Board is set to certify results of the presidential election today (Tues), as state Republican Party leaders continue to allege “extreme abnormalities and statistical variations” from historical voter trends in Minnesota. State G-O-P Chair Jennifer Carnahan:

“I think there is concern not only in Minnesota but in other states with the high level of mail-in voting and not having any verification system around it, right?”

Democrats respond there’s no evidence of fraud in Minnesota’s election and D-F-L Party Chair Ken Martin says:

“Joe Biden won with five million more votes nationally than Donald Trump. He won a decisive margin in the Electoral College.”

A group of Republicans alleges Secretary of State Steve Simon’s “haphazard rule changes resulted in absentee votes being treated differently from county to county. ” They’re asking the courts to suspend the certification of the election until issues are addressed.   Simon wasn’t immediately reachable for comment.