“This is your opportunity to be a good citizen.”

…says Governor Tim Walz about a new app for smartphones that alerts Minnesotans and their contacts about potential exposure to COVID. Officials say it’s totally voluntary and anonymous, using phone G-P-S to determine if people are closer than social distancing guidelines for 15 minutes or longer. If someone then tests positive for COVID, they can voluntarily and anonymously notify others they’ve had close contact with.   Minnesota I-T Commissioner Tarek Tomes:

“This could be such an incredibly powerful tool that could help businesses and that could allow us to return to so many of these activities that we miss and that we love.”

Officials say the app does *not* access or share any personal information with individuals or the government.  For more info, visit covidawaremn.com

State Health Department’s Kris Ehresmann says if more people use the app, more can be notified that they might have been exposed to COVID:

“If all the people who may have been exposed stay home and avoid contact with other people, they can’t spread the disease.   And so this is really important as we work to slow down the spread of COVID in Minnesota.”