A group of about 40 state lawmakers is taking a pledge to follow COVID precautions like masking, social distancing and limiting holiday gatherings to immediate family– and they’re urging Minnesotans to do the same at hashtag Take-the-Pledge-MN   (#TakeThePledgeMN).

Farmington Republican Pat Garofalo says it’s a bipartisan effort:

“What we’re here talking about today are just like generally-accepted public health principles. There’s certainly a time and place for us to have a good, vigorous debate about what the appropriate level is for the chief executive to impose restrictions on commerce, freedom and liberty.”

Richfield Democrat Michael Howard says this could well be the most important week so far in Minnesota’s fight against the pandemic:

…”with the absolute surge in our hospitals, with a holiday around the corner.   This is gonna be really hard, but it’s probably the most important week for us to band together as Minnesotans and do the right thing for each other.”