Governor Tim Walz is getting strong pushback on what will likely be a “pause” in youth sports when he announces additional COVID restrictions in Minnesota tomorrow (Wed). Sarah Winston, the mother of a 17-year-old student-athlete who was in I-C-U for a week with heart and kidney failure, says:

“As sad as it is for my daughter that can’t participate in athletics because of COVID, I really don’t want that to be jeopardized for the rest of the kids out there.”

The governor responds a “pause” in youth sports…

“It is a terrible way on the mental health and the well-being of our children, but the virus cares about none of those things we like to do, and it will simply bring death and destruction, overwhelming our health care system.”

It’s expected Walz will also announce additional restrictions on bars, restaurants and private gatherings as COVID cases spike in the state.