It’s expected Governor Tim Walz will announce new restrictions today (Wed) on bars, restaurants, fitness centers and youth sports, triggered by the surge of COVID cases in Minnesota. Walz is addressing the State at 6 p.m. We will carry it live on KTOE.

Sarah Winston, parent of a 17-year-old athlete who was in the I-C-U with COVID,

says her children are already in 100-percent distance learning and their only outlet is athletics:

“That means so much to their mental stability and I really do feel that really is a hundred percent what they need right now.”

Governor Walz says:

“The desire to have these kids play, I understand how strong that is. But we’re at the point now, there’s not gonna be any coaches or referees or folks involved in this, because it is spreading at a rate that is going to start impacting on huge numbers.”