Senate Minority Leader Susan Kent is calling on Senator Paul Gazelka to resign as Senate Majority Leader. Gazelka announced Sunday that he has tested positive for COVID-19 and Kent and Senate Democrats have been critical that Gazelka and other Republicans did not notify them–or other staff at the State Capitol sooner.

“It is troubling the way they have selectively shared information and been reluctant to share important information so that the rest of us shared can make informed decisions about our own health, how it affects our families and how it affects our communities.”

Gazelka says “the deliberate choice to use a COVID diagnosis as a political tool to blame just Republicans when community spread is uncontrolled is indicative of failed leadership looking for a scapegoat.” So far, Gazelka has not responded for a comment on the call for his resignation as Senate Majority Leader.

Senator Kent says in addition to the call for Gazelka’s resignation as Senate Majority Leader:

“There’s also been discussion about the lack of candor and the selective sharing of information if that violates Senate ethics and if there would be an ethics complaint and I believe that is something that some of our members are considering as well.”