Minnesotans are going to the polls to elect a U-S Senator, and most analysts say that race is tight. Republican challenger, former Congressman Jason Lewis, says as he wraps up his campaign:

“If you like perpetual lockdowns, de-funding the police, packing the Supreme Court — all of the things Tina Smith and Joe Biden stand for — I guess you can vote that way.”

Democratic incumbent Tina Smith responds the way to get control of COVID is a national testing strategy — something the president has never done:

“My opponent and the president have ridiculed people who wear masks and they’ve said that this virus is just gonna go away.   I think people see through that.”

As for the Supreme Court, Smith says President Trump has appointed justices with the goal of overturning Roe -v- Wade — while 22 states “are poised to immediately ban all or nearly all abortions.”